What’s in a Name?

Welcome to the next incarnation of Indecision May or May Not Be My Problem. Thanks to the blog’s new location, it has a new look. And now with a new Twitter handle (@jenwrite), I’m ready to rock and roll.

So, for those of you wondering where the name of my blog came from, I wish I could take total credit. But I can’t. The credit goes to a JImmy Buffett song — Don’t Chu Know. (Yes, I am Parrothead.) From the minute I heard that lyric, I knew that was me.

Because there are many times that I just cannot make a decision. Or I make a decision and then talk myself out of it.

Just ask my poor husband, who was very patient as I showed him EVERY design WordPress has because I couldn’t decide what I wanted. Or who somehow deals with my I don’t knows every time he asks me where I want to go to dinner. Or every time I change my mind, for that matter.

But this indecision may actually work for you, the reader. I’ve always thought about blogging on only one topic, but I can’t seem to decide which one that should be. So, you’re getting it all. If it’s on my mind … and I can remember it, I’ll be writing about it.


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