Cicada Watch 2013: They Have Arrived

Cicada They’re here.

The news has been talking about their arrival for weeks.

They’re coming out of their shells. Literally.

Their beady red eyes are staring back at me.

Yup, the cicadas have arrived.

I noticed the holes when I was working in the garden a couple of weeks ago, so I knew they were moving above ground. But I didn’t actually see one until a couple of days ago, when three or four of them decided to hang out by the front door. One of them was camped out between the doorbell and the door handle, causing me to stop dead in my tracks. I started to consider my options on how I was going to enter my house. Seeing as how I had left my blowtorch in my other bag, my options were limited. Thankfully before I did anything rash, Matt realized I was standing outside, and he came to open the door. My hero!

However, rather than shooing the demon away (or better yet eradicating it), Matt pulled out his camera and started taking photos. For as much as I am repulsed by our summer visitors, Matt is fascinated with them. I should be happy that Matt will have a summer filled with photo subjects, right? I can put up with the crunch of shells under my feet and the constant buzzing, right? I suppose we shall see.

Photos courtesy of Matthew Lowell Thompson, insect photographer extraordinaire.

cicada header

I’m linking up to the Moonshine Grid on Yeah Write.

6 thoughts on “Cicada Watch 2013: They Have Arrived

    • Jen T says:

      We had to explain the cicada concept to a younger coworker this week. We thought we were lying to her until she looked it up on Wikipedia. Not sure how I feel about that.

  1. Blogging Bibliophile says:

    I loved the sentence, “Seeing as how I had left my blowtorch in my other bag, my options were limited.” I love the tone, and I agree with the instinct, too. I haven’t seen any yet. I hope I can still say that next week and the week after…

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