Not Your Average Sunday of Racing

I’ve spent a lot of Sundays watching racing from the moment I get up (open wheel breakfast in our house, thanks to F1) to the moment I go to bed (usually a tape-delayed NHRA event). But no day of racing compares to the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. There are three major races held at three historic tracks: Monaco, Indianapolis, and Charlotte.

Monaco. For 71 years, F1 has raced through the narrow, winding streets of Monaco. This 78-lap street fight is the one every F1 driver wants to win. There were two safety cars and one red flag (which is two safety cars and one red flag more than usual). This year’s win had historic significance — Nico Rosberg won exactly 30 years after this father won the race. And I’m a sucker for history.

Indianapolis. The Brickyard. The Indianapolis 500. The Greatest Spectacle in Motorsports. Helio Castroneves may have won Dancing With the Stars, but he’s won the Indy 500 three times. After 200 laps and 68 lead changes this year, fan favorite Tony Kanaan won the 97th Indianapolis 500.  Before today, Kanaan had nothing but bad luck. But today that luck changed. Congrats, TK!

Charlotte. Charlotte is special to NASCAR because it is the home to most drivers and teams. But what makes this race so different is the length — 600 miles. It starts in the daylight and ends well into the night. This year, the race took a strange turn when an overhead cable for for a television camera broke and fell, injuring 10 fans and damaging several cars. After all the cautions and crashes, the winner of the 600-mile NASCAR Survivor was Kevin Harvick.

Sigh. And now it’s over. I guess I’ll just have to bide my time until next Memorial Day weekend … watching more racing.

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