It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over

There was a group of Miami Heat fans that made two big mistakes last night.

The first was they left the game early, missing their team’s comeback, Ray Allen’s three pointer with five seconds left to force overtime, and Miami’s eventual overtime win.

I understand it was getting late because the NBA decided that 9 p.m. local time was a reasonable time to start a game (that’s another blog for another time). And yes, sitting in traffic after the game can be a pain in the butt.


This was not a regular season game. Sure, maybe you don’t want to see San Antonio hoist the trophy in your building. But stick around to thank the team that you’ve supposedly been rooting for all season.

And the second, and even bigger, mistake?

Once these fans got the parking lot and heard Miami had forced overtime, they turned around and tried to get back into the arena. And security did not let them in BECAUSE THAT IS THE RULE! When they say NO RE-ENTRY on the ticket, they mean it. Even though your team came back, you can’t.

There are accounts of people pounding on the glass and yelling at security to let them in “because I paid good money for these tickets!” Maybe you should have thought about the price tag before you left the game early. Oh, the arrogance!

And what’s even better? The Spurs filled their arena last night with fans watching the game on the big screen! If there was any question where the true fans are, I have my answer now.

I was already rooting for the Spurs to win the series. But now there’s no question I want to see Tim Duncan win his fifth championship tomorrow night. Go Spurs!


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