I Watched the America’s Cup. And I Liked it.

Less than a month ago, I had no idea that the America’s Cup was up for grabs this year. To be honest, I never really gave the America’s Cup much thought at all since the 1980s when Dennis Conner won the Cup, lost it, and then won it back again.

But that all changed a few weeks ago when we forgot to change the channel after the Indy Car race. That’s when we discovered the last race of the Louis Vuitton Cup, which determined which team would challenge the United States for the America’s Cup. We had no vested interest in the race, and yet we couldn’t look away. Things had changed a little bit since the last time I had paid any attention to yachting — I mean, when did they start with the catamarans? And stop using sails? It was just further proof that we will watch any kind of sporting event.

After that, I had every intention of keeping up with the America’s Cup. But then I saw something shiny. So I didn’t.

I’d hear bits and pieces about what was going on. A two-race penalty to the American boat. A commanding lead for the New Zealand boat. This past weekend, I found out that Oracle Team USA was back in the hunt. But New Zealand only had to win one more race to claim the cup.

And then Team USA  tied it up, having won seven straight races. Oh, America’s Cup. You got my attention again.

So this afternoon, we were on the edge of our seats, watching the winner-take-all race for the America’s Cup. Matt correctly called it “the most fascinating thing I don’t understand.” And Team USA took its eighth straight win.

Congrats to Team USA on winning (and keeping) the America’s Cup. Maybe next time I’ll be paying closer attention.

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