Pu Pu Platters Make Everything Better

pupuOur trip to New Hampshire took forever. More than eight hours and 400 miles. A false start due to a forgotten pill caddy (yup, apparently we’re old enough to have a pill caddy). Traffic in Waterbury, Hartford … actually pretty much the whole state of Connecticut. And then dark, winding (and sometimes foggy) roads.

The trip wasn’t all bad. We got to listen to the Red Sox win game 1 of the ALDS. Somehow in the middle of New Hampshire we got the WFAN broadcast of the Devils game. And the pu pu platter.

Ever since I’ve known Matt, he’s been telling me there’s a difference between New England Chinese food and Chinese food in the New York metro area. I wasn’t necessarily buying it. I mean, how could Chinese food vary from region to region? But after almost 10 years, Matt had his opportunity to show me, thanks for the Chinese restaurant across the street from our hotel.

The first round of mai tais were gone by the time the pu pu platter arrived.  Surrounding the small hibachi grill were spring rolls, chicken wings, boneless spare ribs, tempura chicken, beef teriyaki on skewers. And my absolute favorite — crab Rangoon.  After the obligatory Facebook of our meal, we dug in. And it was good. As the waitress put down the second round of mai tais on the table, the hibachi put out one last puff and spark, kind of like our own pyrotechnics show at the table.

I learned a valuable lesson at that table. Pu pu platters make everything better. And the mai tais don’t hurt either.

(P.S. Matt was probably right about the New England Chinese food thing, but don’t tell him that.)

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