Racing Moving Project (#RaceMovPro) – The Schedule

Matt Thompson Flying Lizard

Photo by Matthew Lowell Thompson

There’s only one race left in 2013. Once the F1 cars wrap it up in Brazil this weekend, it’s a long, cold winter without racing. OK, there is the Rolex 24 at the end of January, but other than that it’s pretty quiet. After seeing Rush this fall and watching Patrick Dempsey’s Racing LeMans, I realized that there are racing movies that I’ve never seen or that I’d like to watch again.  Thus, the Racing Movie Project was born.

So, to fill the gap between the end of the 2013 season and the 2014 Daytona 500, I’ll be watching one racing movie a week and then writing about it each Tuesday. But this is not just about what I think. I want to hear your thoughts about these movies too. So please join me each Tuesday to talk about that week’s movie, and share this with your race-fan friends too! (And you can even watch along with me.) Also, follow me on Twitter (@jenwrite) for updates on the project. And I’ve even come up with a hashtag — #RaceMovPro.

Below is the list of movies I’ll be watching for the Racing Movie Project and the date I’ll be posting my “review” for each movie.

  • December 3: Senna
  • December 10: Driven
  • December 17: Cars
  • December 24: [holiday break]
  • December 31: Stroker Ace
  • January 7: Grand Prix
  • January 14: Six Pack
  • January 21: LeMans
  • January 28: Cannonball Run
  • February 4: Heart Like a Wheel
  • February 11: Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
  • February 18: Days of Thunder

So, I figured I start the project off with a movie that race fans (and even non-race fans) love. If nothing else,  the Racing Movie Project gives you a reason to watch Senna again.

Thanks to all of you who made movie suggestions. If you don’t see your movie on this year’s list, don’t worry. I’ve already started the list for next year.

Enjoy the last F1 race of the season. Watch Senna again. And then join me here in two weeks to talk about this amazing documentary.

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