Racing Movie Project: Six Pack

six packMovie: Six Pack

Year: 1982

Starring: Kenny Rogers, Diane Lane, Erin Gray, Barry Corbin, Terry Kiser

Plot: A stock car driver looking to make a comeback meets a “six pack” of orphans who have a knack for stripping and repairing cars.

Rating: ⚐⚐ (out of 5)

My thoughts: Six Pack came out at about the same time as Stroker Ace, so it’s another stock car movie where the cars really are stock cars. Kenny Rogers plays Brewster Baker, a stock car driver looking to make a comeback. He’s driving on the grassroots circuit when he meets up with the “six pack” of orphans. After a run of success (thanks to the kids’ mechanical skills, of course), he gets his shot in Grand National. (And he drives in a pair of Nikes the whole time — check out the movie poster.)

The Netflix sleeve touted it as Kenny Rogers’ motion picture debut. While this may have been a major motion picture in the early 80s, today this would be a Lifetime movie. Kenny provided the song “Love Will Turn You Around” for the soundtrack (ESPN used the song a couple years ago in a commercial for its NASCAR coverage). I don’t know exactly what Kenny’s deal was, but the song was played in its entirely three times during the movie. I like Kenny Rogers and all, but I was a little sick of it by the third time.

There were some famous 80s faces in this movie, including Diane Lane and Anthony Michael Hall (before his life-changing role as Farmer Ted in Sixteen Candles). Brewster’s love interest was played by Erin Gray, who had starred in Buck Rogers and was just starting her stint in Silver Spoons. And Brewster’s nemesis was played by Terry Kiser, good old Bernie himself from Weekend at Bernies.

Anyone seen this one lately? 

Next week: In honor of the 24 Hours of Daytona next week, I’ll be watching a move about another 24-hour race: LeMans.

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