Book Review: Naked Paddock

naked paddockNeed an appetizer before the Rolex 24 this weekend? Like a good story about racing? Or just want an interesting read? Then look no further than Naked Paddock, a new novel by M.K. Ducote. Naked Paddock tells the story of ALMS driver Coleton Loren — both on and off the track.

What makes Naked Paddock a good read is that it immerses the reader in the world both inside the race car and inside the paddock. The book reminds the reader that, in racing, there is so much more than the car and the driver (and the mechanic). There are agents and sponsors and team owners and groupies. Never mind what’s going on in everyone’s personal lives.

As the wife of a race car driver, M.K. Ducote puts her personal knowledge and experiences to work to tell a vivid story. This insider’s look into racing (and the luxurious life in south Florida) should fascinate both race fans and non-race fans alike. Just like the racetracks portrayed in the book, Naked Paddock takes many twists and turns. And it ends with a cliffhanger that has me anxiously waiting for the next book in this three-book series. Thankfully, the first chapter of the second book is available online, so I’ll be reading that on the plane ride down to Daytona.

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