Rolex 24 Withdrawal: Photo Therapy

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As part of my Rolex 24 withdrawal program, here are some of the photos I took during the race. This is also part two of the holy-crap-I-took-that project. Some of my favorites are in the slide show above. The rest can be found on my new Flickr account. (Click here to check them out.) I know. A Flickr account. This just might be serious.

Now that I’ve managed to capture some images two times in a row, Matt is worried that his photographic services will no longer be needed here on Indecision May or May Not Be My Problem. But he’s not getting off that easy. First, he will always be capturing better images than me. Also, he’s the one who set my camera at the track and edited all my images when we got home. I am nothing without him.

JT at the fence

Photo by Matthew Lowell Thompson

Finally, some shooting information.  All of these photos were shot from spectator areas (sometimes precariously hanging over a fence ) with a Canon SL1 — the world’s smallest DSLR — and a 55-250 mm lens.

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