Go See Hockey. Now!

Liberty 2013 2

Photo by Matthew Lowell Thompson

The Olympic hockey tournaments probably didn’t turn out the way you hoped (unless you’re Canadian or a fan of Canada, in which case the turned out pretty much how you wanted). But if you usually don’t watch hockey and enjoyed watching it during the Olympics, do me a favor. Go see a hockey game live.

It doesn’t matter what type of hockey you see. Go see whatever is local — NHL, minor leagues, juniors, college. Whatever level you see, you won’t be disappointed.

Sure, watching hockey is fine. But there is nothing like watching it in person. Being in the arena means you can see the whole sheet of ice and watch as the play develops. Television never does the sounds of the games justice — the the thunderous crash as a player is checked into the boards, the thunk as the puck hits the goalie’s pads, the swoosh of the players’ skates, the sharp taps as the puck moves from stick to stick. And during the two intermissions? You get to watch the methodical movies of the Zambonis cleaning the ice.

There is drama in hockey arenas across the United States and Canada every night. OK, maybe it’s not Olympic drama. But it is compelling drama nonetheless. And it is an amazing feeling to be a part of it.

I saw my first live hockey game in 1994. After that I was hooked.

So head out to your local hockey arena for a game. Try it. You just might like it.

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