My Winter Meltdown

snow pile remedy

Photo by Matthew Lowell Thompson

I’ve tried to keep my complaining about the weather to a minimum this winter. I have refrained from posting pictures of my car’s thermometer (even though it read 2 degrees one morning). Yes, I’ve posted a few snow pictures, but in my defense I wasn’t complaining. Just reporting.

After waking up to another couple inches of snow this morning, I’ve reached my tipping point. I’m done. I can’t take it anymore. This is one-time-only, get-it-all-off-my-chest bitchfest about the weather. This my winter meltdown.

  • I may have antagonized Mother Nature (and, if I’m being honest, my Facebook friends and Twitter followers) by posting a picture from the beach in Florida while it was snowing like crazy in the Northeast. But it couldn’t have been just me. What did you guys do to tick her off?
  • Or maybe we can just blame this all on Roger Goddell, Commissioner of the National Football League. I could totally see him making a deal with Mother Nature. “So, do think you can hold off with the snow for the Super Bowl? You can make it snow all your want in February. Football is over by then, so I don’t really care.” Although I’m not really sure what she’d get in return.
  • For a while, it was like Groundhog Day around here because it felt like I cleaned off my car and shoveled the same part of the driveway every day. Oh wait. That’s because I did. (And speaking of cars, enough with the people not cleaning the roof of their car off and then driving around. I know it sucks that you have to clean it off every time it snows. But if I’m being a stickler, it’s against the law to drive around with snow on your roof. Trust me. I’m a lawyer.)


    Photo by Matthew Lowell Thompson

  • For years, if it got cold, the weather people would call it a “cold snap” or a “deep freeze.” Now all of a sudden “polar vortex” has become part of our vocabulary. Al Roker swears it’s been around for years. Either way, my guess is it’s here to stay. (And on a side note — Weather Channel, please stop trying to make naming winter storms a thing.)
  • At least here in northern New Jersey, we have run out of places to put snow. Sure, it was fun for about five minutes when I climbed on top of our snowbank in the front yard. But that was about it. The streets are narrower, and there are even fewer spots in the parking lots. Target lucked out and got my business last week because I couldn’t find a spot at Barnes & Noble (sorry!).
  • Driving has become a video game, trying to avoid all the potholes. And if you miss? Well, after your teeth rattle from hitting the bottom of the pothole, you just pray that you don’t have a flat tire.

I feel better now I’ve gotten this off my chest. Although it may be a bit premature, especially since they’re talking more snow this week and next week.

3 thoughts on “My Winter Meltdown

  1. Stacie says:

    I so hear you! I live in Northern Jersey too (moved here from CA 3.5 years ago – what was I thinking?). I am so done with snow, I want to cry. But I suppose it’s partially my fault. I was posting pictures from Puerto Rico last week 😉

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