Rubbing Shoulders With the Stars

Carl and JenIn my Things I Liked This Week … NASCAR Edition, I promised some stories about rubbing shoulders the drivers (and others) this past weekend at the Glen. Here are a couple for you.


Note the complete panic on my face as Carl approaches.

1. Second chances. About five years ago, Matt and I were lucky enough to be on the pre-race grid for the Nationwide race at Watkins Glen. While we were waiting for the National Anthem, I spotted Carl Edwards talking to a couple other drivers. Because Carl is my favorite NASCAR driver, Matt told me to go over and ask for a photo with him. I completely chickened out with the lame excuse that I didn’t want to bother him before he was going to race. I instantly regretted my decision and figured I’d never get the opportunity again.

Well, that opportunity did present itself again this year in the pits at Watkins Glen. Knowing that I couldn’t let this chance pass me by again, I sprung into action. As Carl approached, I heard the words coming out of my mouth, “Hey Carl! Can I get a picture?!?” I think he may have agreed. Next thing I know, Matt is taking our picture (notice how together Carl is and how not calm I am). Feeling even more brave, I decided to try and tell him the story about how I chickened out five years ago. He may or may not have heard me, but I didn’t really care. I got my photo.

Danica bacon2. Things I learned about Danica Patrick. Danica made a guest appearance at the Glen Club on Sunday morning before the race. Here are just a few things I learned about her:

  • Danica is tiny.
  • She’s not a big fan of the qualifying format, but she’s glad the fans like it.
  • She doesn’t miss running the boot at the Glen.
  • She would be alright with a couple more road courses on the schedule, but she prefers ovals.
  • And while she likes to cook healthy and eat organic vegetables, she also likes her bacon (check out Exhibit A to the right).

3. Two down, one to go. Matt and I met Tanner Foust a few years ago at a Rallycross event, right before the American version of Top Gear premiered. Matt and I have become fans of the show, so one of the people were on the lookout for was Rutledge Wood. And we found him Sunday morning—telling car stories to the guys on the Ganassi crew. Rutledge is just a really nice guy, and he gave us a heads up on the next new episode (premiering September 30). One word—Nurburgring.  Now we just need to find Adam Ferrara…Rut and co2

4. No, thank you. By far, the best dressed man at the track on Sunday was Tommy Hilfiger (also, the only man brave enough wear white jeans in the garage). I was only slightly confused when Matt got up in the middle of the race to talk to him. After Matt apologized for his less-than-fashionable outfit, he thanked Tommy for his support of MS-related charities. Tommy’s response? He thanked Matt. Matt replied, “No, thank you.”

5. It’s not a visit to the Seneca Lodge without Boris. The past few years, every time we stayed at the Seneca Lodge, we had a Boris Said sighting in the dining room or the bar. Boris has even been immortalized on a series of Seneca Lodge t-shirts. So it seemed logical that Boris had an after-party on Sunday night with his sponsor for the weekend, Genny Light. And where better to have our picture taken with Boris than in front of the iconic bar.

BS and the Ts_small

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