Things I Like This Week … Summer Edition

As summer winds down, here are some of the things I like this week (and this past season)…


1. Summer traffic. Sure, there’s all kinds of traffic heading down the shore or other vacation destinations. But with everyone on vacation, that means less traffic on the morning commute. Less traffic means the Angry Orange and I are almost happy to make the trip every morning (yes, I named my car the Angry Orange). I know my days of an easy commute are numbered, but I’ll enjoy it while I can.

corn2. The farmers market. Every spring, I count down the days until the local farmers market opens. I love the fruits fresh off the farm—peaches, blueberries, watermelons, and cantaloupes. The past two summers I’ve pickled cucumbers to enjoy during the winter. But the thing I anticipate the most is the Jersey corn. It’s so sweet that it leaves your hands sticky and there’s no need for butter. Next weekend I’ll be freezing some for the winter.

flips3. My J. Crew pink skull-and-crossbones flip flops. These flip flops started my small skull-and-crossbones collection. I’ve had them for years, and I wear them as soon as it gets warm (or when I travel to warmer climates). Sadly, these flip flops are reaching the end of their life and J.Crew doesn’t make them anymore. But the good news I was smart enough to by another pair. Guess I’ll have to break those in next summer.

avoidable-contact4. Avoidable Contact by Tammy Kaehler. Summertime means summer reading. And my recommendation to my race fans (and non-race fans too) is the Kate Reilly Mysteries. Avoidable Contact is the third book in the series, which follows racecar driver Kate Reilly through her life in sportscar racing and the murder mysteries that seem to follow her. These suspenseful stories are peppered with racing details that make you feel you are at the track with Kate. Avoidable Contact unfolds during the Rolex 24 in a minute-by-minute format. Very compelling reading.

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