Things I Like This Week … Oak Tree Edition

Oak tree-1

Photo by Matthew Lowell Thompson

1. Return of the Son of Oak Tree. OK, this may sound like a bad horror or sci-fi movie, but it’s actually good news to me and other racing fans. Last summer I lamented the loss of the Oak Tree at Virginia International Raceway. But on Sunday morning, I was very pleased to wake up to an article from Racer that VIR had found a descendant of the original oak tree and that it would be moved from its current location to to the Oak Tree turn at VIR (on the outside of the track though) in November. Welcome back, Son of Oak Tree!

2. The Knick. It sounds like many of the medical dramas on television today—talented and dedicated surgeon who can only function while under the influence of cocaine, hospital administrators trying to keep the institution afloat, and doctors trying to save lives. What makes The Knick different is that it is set in 1900, not present day. Surgery techniques are rudimentary and experimental. Directed by Steven Soderbergh (one of my favorites), The Knick is visually stunning. (Another visually stunning work? The Grand Budapest Hotel, which we watched this past weekend. There’s a bonus thing I like.)

3. Oh, so that’s how the Chase works. All season long, I’ve been hearing about the new Chase format works. I know you have win to get in, but that was about all I got. Well, now NASCAR has a video from some of your favorite drivers explaining how the new format works. (Side note: is the format too complicated if we need a video to explain it?) The video is fun, and the format could be interesting. I know I’ll be tuning in to see what happens.

4. The Emmys. The Emmy are tonight! It’s my second favorite awards show after the Golden Globes (the lack of tables and lack of alcohol at said tables drops it down a notch). I watch a lot of television, so I enjoy watching my favorite shows get rewarded for a job well done. My pick for best drama? Breaking Bad, by far. Most interesting category? Best actor in a drama. Bryan Cranston gave an amazing performance in his last season as Walter White, but Matthew McConaughey’s portrayal of Rust Cohle in True Detective was just the latest step in the McConaissance.

5. My new favorite F1 driver. I’ve admitted in the past that I am a relatively new F1 fan. I enjoy watching the F1 race every Sunday morning. I know the drivers like and the ones I don’t. But I never had a favorite F1 driver. Until today. The Vettel dominance is a thing of the past. The drama at Mercedes and Ferrari is compelling. But what I’ve enjoyed the most this season is watching Daniel Ricciardo win. So it’s official—Ricciardo is my new driver.

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