VDG Explores the Six Hours at the Glen

During the almost 11 years that Matt and I have been together, I’ve considered us to be explorers, going to new places and trying new things. We’ve now added a new member to our posse—meet Vasco de Gama, or as we’ve come to call him VDG.

VDG made his maiden voyage a couple weekend ago to the Six Hours at the Glen. Here’s what he  discovered.

VDG Bullfrog

An overnight stop in Williamsport on the way to Watkins Glen means a a beverage or two at the Bullfrog Brewery. VDG wants to know more about how the beer is made.

VDG fence watching

The weather forecast made it clear that Friday was going to be a very rainy weekend. VDG made the most of the sunny day and took in the sights from the fence at the off-camber.

VDG twins

VDG checks in with his good friend, Mr. Bib.

VDG hiding from rain

VDG hides from the rain for the rest of the weekend.

VDG eye on the prize

VDG keeps his eye on the prize.

VDG Seneca

Rain or shine, VDG enjoyed a beverage or two at the Seneca Lodge and took in the racing history. He enjoyed himself so much one night …

... he ended up howlin' at the moon.

… he ended up howlin’ at the moon.

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