Happy Labor Day Weekend!


Happy Labor Day! The unofficial end of summer is here. Well, except for that heat wave we’re expecting the next couple days.

This year, we continued our five-year Labor Day tradition (OK, four out of five since we went to the Baltimore Grand Prix one of those year) of smoking meat. Lots of meat. Six pounds of brisket. Eight pounds of pork shoulder. Two racks of ribs. And three chicken breasts.

I know what you’re thinking. Jen, that’s a lot of meat for two people. Where’s my invitation to the BBQ? And usually we like to share. But after two days of prep and actual cooking, we keep the fruits of our labor for ourselves. Most of it will go straight into the freezer. So when there’s feet of snow on ground and we can’t remember what the backyard looks like, we can defrost a piece of summer for dinner.

So summer is coming to a close. By Tuesday or Wednesday, everyone will be back to school, and my commute will turn back into bumper-to-bumper traffic. Football is only a couple days away, and the temperatures will (eventually) turn cooler. Until next year, summer.

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