About Me

Jen fog

My name is Jen, and I’ll be your cruise director. Make sure your seat back and tray table are in their upright position and your seatbelt is securely fastened. (I know, I’m mixing my metaphors. But it’s my blog, not yours.)

As you take a look around this website, you’ll quickly find that I’m a racing fan. I will watch anything that has four wheels and an engine and that goes fast. Preferably in person. With all the noises and smells.

But I’m also a sports nut. I spend a good portion of my winter at the Rock cheering on my beloved New Jersey Devils. After marrying a boy from Massachusetts, I’m now a fan of the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots.

And I’m also a pop culture addict. My TiVo is always bordering on full. I’ve been expanding my music education by seeing some of the “greats” in concert.

I’m all these things, and I’m always writing about them.


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