Is Simon LeBon Right?

My first “real” concert ever was Duran Duran in the eighth grade. God bless my mother, who took my brother and I to the then-Brendan Byrne Arena to see Simon, Nick, John, Roger, and Andy. I adored Duran Duran. I had pictures of Simon and John in my locker, and all their songs were on whatever was the 1980s equivalent of “Repeat.”

Thirty years later, there’s Duran Duran on CBS Sunday Morning this past weekend promoting their new album, and I’m embarrassingly giddy as a schoolgirl again.

Discussing the less-than-favorable reviews that Duran Duran got at the height of their success, Simon LeBon said, “The more girls we got kind of following the band, the more [critics] hated us.”

Hey! Wait! I was one of those girls.

It got me to thinking. Is there really any truth to Simon LeBon’s statement?

Because if he’s right, that means I may not be giving the music of  Justin Bieber and One Direction a fair shake?.But that can’t be right.

And if he’s wrong, that means Duran Duran was the New Kids on the Block or Backstreet Boys of my time. That definitely can’t be it.

Rather than actually face the answer to this question, I’m going to hop back into my bubble of 80s nostalgia and pop in my Duran Duran Greatest Hits CD. And maybe I’ll go out buy  their new album, Paper Gods. Rolling Stone said that if the album was “a debut from some upstart band, the buzz would be insane.”

These guys just can’t catch a break, can they?